26 avril 2013

PixelHumain 04/26/2013

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  • Le document est sorti en Février 2013. C'est la base de l'étude de marché. Détaillé par pays et tout et tout... A lire ici : http://ec.europa.eu/public_opinion/flash/fl_373_en.pdf Si on fait une demande de subvention à l'Europe je pense que s'appuyer sur ces chiffres est un plus...

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    • Eurobarometer: Citizens Engaged in Participatory Democracy
    • A new report by Eurobarometer on citizen engagement in participatory democracy has been recently published. Here are some of the findings:
    • A third (34%) of respondents say that they have signed a petition in the last two years
    • According to the socio-demographic data, men are more likely than women to have used various means of expressing their views, including taking part in a public debate at local/regional level (22% vs. 15% for women), expressing their views to a local elected representative (27% vs. 20%), and expressing their views via the Internet or social media (32% vs. 25%)
    • A fifth of respondents (20%) are members of an organisation with a specific economic, social, environmental, cultural or sporting interest
    • Overall, 45% of women say that they did none of these things in order to express their views, as opposed to 38% of men.
    • People in different age groups demonstrate preferences for using different means of expressing their views on public issues. Younger respondents are more likely to use the Internet or social media: 42% of 15-24 year-olds did this during the past two years, but this falls to 17% among people aged 55 or over
    • The full report is available here [PDF]. 

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