24 avril 2013

PixelHumain 04/24/2013

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    • What is Dotmocracy
    • decision-making meeting with many people and felt frustrated with the lack of progress?
    • Have you ever attended a forum or workshop where dozens of people brainstormed a long list of ideas, but there was no sensible way to collectively prioritize all the results and recognize the best suggestions?
    • provide a solution for these kinds of challenges
    • Dotmocracy is a transparent, equal opportunity, and participatory large group decision-making tool
    • Participants write down ideas on specially designed paper forms called Dotmocracy sheets and use pens to fill in one dot per sheet, recording their levels of agreement. The result is a graph-like visual representation of the group's collective opinion.
  • Encore un concurrent... Il reprend pas mal les thèmes de PH...

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