1 février 2013

PixelHumain 02/01/2013

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    • As neighborhoods of people use the information engine to learn, they will easily collaborate and filter each other for incrementally increased bandwidth
    • YSenate is designed to minimize confusion and maximize informed opinions amongst large groups of arguing people by focusing attention into neighborhoods.
    • Neighborhoods are like a 'Senate sub-committee,' and are a locus of conversation, but they dynamically reorganize as people express themselves and vote.
    • Balancing objectives of democracies and republics, Ysenate works by organizing people into nested sets of neighborhoods through colors, connections, and locations. A citizen's nearest neighbor will likely be a friend, who lives nearby, and who shares similar political opinions. Incrementally larger neighborhoods expand your network to a gradually growing spectrum of people.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of Pixel Humain - democracie participative group favorite links are here.

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